Coach Drivers Tackling Bullying on the School Run back to articles

As part of their ongoing driver CPC training, over thirty drivers have recently swapped coaches for the classroom.

The driver training focussed on customer care and some of the issues faced when taking on ‘the school run’. Coach drivers have to concentrate on the road, yet are usually the only adult in an otherwise unsupervised environment. This is partly why the school coach is often the scene of bullying. The coach driver is in a unique position. The students are not acting like they are being supervised and this gives a window into what is really going on. Everybody has a legal duty of care for children’s welfare – including the school, the local authority, the coach operator and the driver.

The training session highlighted the role of the school coach driver as a source of protection for young passengers who may be victims of bullying, neglect or abuse. It outlined the signs for drivers to look for that on their own may not appear to be of any significance, but if put together with other pieces of information, can help determine if a child or young person may be at risk.

The session also looked at protecting drivers on the school run, with advice on how to avoid being falsely accused of inappropriate behaviour, and how drivers can protect themselves. Drivers also learned about the importance of working with outside agencies including schools.

Our coach drivers now have an all-round understanding of the different types of bullying and abuse and how, as coach drivers, they have a vital role in ensuring that any concerns they have, no matter how insignificant they are felt to be, must be reported to the relevant body or person.